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aheyman (at) rcn.com (email) "Adam Heyman" <aheyman (at) rcn.com> 
ahovey (at) caris.com (email)
akomins (at) midway.uchicago.edu (email) Arin Komins <akomins (at) midway.uchicago.edu> 
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books (at) bofh.com (email) jot (at) bofh.com 
briandmichelle (at) yahoo.com (email) Brian and Michelle Baskett <briandmichelle (at) yahoo.com>
Christopher_M_Kane (at) brown.edu (email)
chuning88 (at) yahoo.com (email)
corwin (at) mpls.cx (email) (Corwin Brust) 
cwalker (at) johnadamsmortgage.com (email) "Cal Walker" <cwalker (at) johnadamsmortgage.com> 
dan-tain_ishanti (at) attbi.com (email) "Brad Crawford" <dan-tain_ishanti (at) attbi.com> 
david.lish (at) sega.com (email) David Lish <david.lish (at) sega.com> 
dd-b (at) dd-b.net (email) (David Dyer-Bennet) 
den (at) monger.net (email)
dgf (at) dd-b.net (post)
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dragaera (at) juima.org (email) Sander <dragaera (at) juima.org> 
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geewiz (at) mac.com (email) Glenn Ellingson <geewiz (at) mac.com> 
goldfarb (at) ocf.berkeley.edu (email) (David Goldfarb) 
grapawy (at) yahoo.com (email) Gregory Rapawy <grapawy (at) yahoo.com> 
harrisonjeff (at) attbi.com (email) "Jeff Harrison" <harrisonjeff (at) attbi.com> 
hhertzof (at) panix.com (email) Hilary Hertzoff <hhertzof (at) panix.com> 
igalbraith (at) ozonline.com.au (email) igalbraith (at) ozonline.com.au (Ian Galbraith) 
ijamie (at) sympatico.ca (email) "Ian sympatico" <ijamie (at) sympatico.ca> 
jamesandmary.burbidge (at) sympatico.ca (email) James and Mary Burbidge <jamesandmary.burbidge (at) sympatico.ca>
jbdelong (at) uclink.berkeley.edu (email) Brad DeLong <delong (at) econ.Berkeley.EDU> 
jbearson (at) tampabay.rr.com (email) "Jbearson" <jbearson (at) tampabay.rr.com> 
jetdragn (at) bellsouth.net (email) <jetdragn (at) bellsouth.net> 
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jmellby (at) attbi.com (email) "John R. Mellby" <jmellby (at) attbi.com> 
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jtoth (at) megrez.org (email) Jim Toth <jtoth (at) megrez.org> 
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lairdb (at) email.com (email) "L. Broadfield" <lairdb (at) email.com> 
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meersan (at) mn.astound.net (email) Melissa Fitzgerald <meersan (at) mn.astound.net> 
mia_mcdavid (at) attbi.com (email) Mia McDavid <mia_mcdavid (at) attbi.com> 
mike (at) plokta.com (email)
moghan_david (at) yahoo.com (email) Robert Opramolla <moghan_david (at) yahoo.com> 
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