Another Turn of Subject

Beldarrin at aol.com Beldarrin at aol.com
Wed Jun 5 16:05:49 PDT 2002

     And to change the subject once more (and this is directed to Mr. Steve), one is curious as to why you decided to write "Athyra" in third person, and why "Orca" volleys back and forth between Vlad and Kiera.  Was that so the reader could kind of step outside of Vlad and gain a different perspective on him, or because you were bored with first-person Vlad, or both?   Personally, I rather enjoyed stepping outside Vlad's realm of understanding for a little while.  It helped me to realize just how impressive his mind works, and how enamored of him Lady Luck (or fate or, um, karma, or something like that) really is, and how much I miss conversations between Vlad and Loiosh when they aren't there.  (Anyone know where I can get me a cute little jhereg?)   

    Oh, and on a rather ridiculous-sounding note, if you had to convert imperials into U.S. dollars, what would an imperial be worth?  That's something (rather insignificant, true) I was just wondering about...  

~ Steph