On the subject of peppers.....a warning

Wed Jun 5 20:27:39 PDT 2002

 Being a fan of cooking myself, I have run into this very same problem.
Thankfully, the wonderful world of chemistry provided me with a solution
which I will relay here, even though it's quite off-topic.

 The acid can get really into your skin, I /think/ because it mixes with
natural oils.  Since I deal with hot peppers often (salsa is fun to make!),
I've found that washing your hands once with soap and water, then covering
them with a thin layer of baking soda, then rinsing them again, ensures that
you will never be in riduculous amounts of burning pain if you for some
reason need to start poking at your cornea. ;)  The baking soda will
neutralize those wonderful pepper acids lickety-split.

 Just so this post isn't COMPLETELY off-topic, I will bring up something
curious about.  Steve, I've noticed that you spend time carefully describing
meals throughout your books, especially in the Khaavren Romances.  As
opposed to just saying 'they ate a meal of meat and bread', we get these
savoury images of roasted kethna wrapped in warm flour pastries with an
assortment of sauteed mushrooms.  Have you, or has anyone, ever come up with
recipes for some of these delicious meals?
Mark Porter
Putting the 'Fun' back in Fundamentalist Dogma