oops. ebooks?

Thu Jun 6 11:55:06 PDT 2002

Michael S. Schiffer wrote:
> At 08:34 PM 6/6/2002 +0200, Sander wrote:
>> Though actually it isn't eBooks themselves I hate so much, as it is the
>> way publishers handle them. Proprietary encrypted formats (which you can
>> be certain not to be able to read 20 years down the road), often no way
>> to copy/paste or print text... It's not good.
> There are exceptions, though.  Baen is the big one of the major SF 
> publishers.  Fictionwise is also good (between the two of them, most of 
> Lois McMaster Bujold's stuff is available in open e-book 
> format).

Indeed. I love those things Eric Flint writes for the Baen library. How
he has hard data that he's selling more book by giving them away in
electronic format for free.
Baen definitely has become one of my favorite publishers because of
their free library.
Didn't know fictionwise yet - I'll check them out, thanks.

May you always find shade and water,