paperbacks vs. hardcovers

Thu Jun 6 12:02:20 PDT 2002

Lisa Grant Coffin wrote:
> In my estimation, there are three great reasons to choose hardcovers
> over paperbacks when you love the author. The third one is my
> impression, and may be wrong, but I sincerely hope not, because I've
> been doing this for years.
> 3. They give the author more money.

That's indeed true. Depending on volumes (and who the author is), an
author gets something like $0.50 for paperbacks and $3-$5 for hardcovers.
I have no idea where that information came from - except that I read it
within the last few weeks. Probably something either Tad Williams or
Robin Hobb said. Heh, could even be this list though - growing way
beyond what I'd expected. I hope I can keep up the reading. :)

May you always find shade and water,