[dragaera] Re: Athyra

Thu Jun 6 16:12:42 PDT 2002

Raellew at aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 6/6/02, Rachael Lininger writes:
>>Alibris is usually pricier than the other book services. ABE books and
>>half.com are usually much better. I use bookfinder.com for
>>price-checking, though...and having checked the prices, ATHYRA is really
>>expensive. $40-$50 is more usual.
> Half.com had a copy a few months ago for $20. I hesitated, and it was gone. 
> I'm still kicking myself.
> ATHYRA can't be as rare as the prices make it seem. If it was, everybody and 
> his dog wouldn't have $50 copies to sell to people who don't have copies 
> because everyone and his dog is selling them for $50. 

*blinks* I figured the $40-$50 comment was just a fluke, but these
prices are for real? I bought Athyra six months ago for $4 or so, and
that while I live in the Netherlands where you can never ever find even
moderately rare books. (The book wasn't in mint condition of course, but
still more than reasonable quality for a used book.)
Looking at some auction sites these $40-$75 prices do indeed appear to
be common though. *shakes his head in wonder*
Any other of Steve's books that go for similar prices?

May you always find shade and water,