[dragaera] Re: Athyra

Beldarrin at aol.com Beldarrin at aol.com
Thu Jun 6 19:09:20 PDT 2002

    Hmm...  I kept looking for "Athyra" since I finished "Jhereg" and I saw 
it mostly for $40+.  Lucky for me, while looking for Final Fantasy 
paraphernalia on e-bay, I got the brilliant idea of looking for "Athyra" on 
e-bay, too, and then got disgruntled and starting checking Amazon and Barnes 
& Noble online religiously (like four or five times a day).  After about two 
weeks of doing this, I (well, okay, it was actually my husband - hey, even 
they're useful once in a while!) found a copy on Amazon for only $16 plus $3 
shipping & handling.  Deciding not to look a gift horse in the mouth, I 
purchased it right away.  

    And so, the moral to this story is, just keep checking - on e-bay, 
Amazon, and Barnes & Noble...  Also (and yes, this is a longshot), check out 
local used book stores.  Some people don't know the treasures they have!  

~ Stephles the <ahem!> Great