Another Turn of Subject

Thu Jun 6 19:33:27 PDT 2002

On 6/6/02 10:16 PM, "Beldarrin at aol.com" <Beldarrin at aol.com> wrote:

>   Thanks for answering my question, Steve.  Actually, it did make perfect
> sense and it was rather satisfying, if only in that I my assumption was at
> least marginally right.  :)  (A rarity, indeed!)  It's difficult for me to
> think along non-abstract lines, so saying that it just "felt" right is
> sufficient fuel to sate my curiosity.  (To this point, I'd say "Athyra" is my
> favorite of the Taltos novels.  I literally couldn't stop reading it on my
> day off last week and just keep reading and reading and reading.  I can't
> quite figure out why, but I really, really liked it a lot, and it was
> definitely worth $20, even in paperback, while I prefer anyhow.)  Just proves
> a point:  Intuition is a better guide than logic.  (Or is it really
> subconcious logical processes that lead us to have instantaneous, gut
> feelings, or intuition?  Ack, why does everything have to be so damn grey??)
> 'Tis all for now,
> Steph  
Funny, Athyra was my least favorite Vlad book. My favorite is Jhereg,
followed by Yendi. Yes Steve you like to bash poor Yendi but I thought it
was a great kick your feet up and read book.