Teckla, Cawti, Book Covers, and Whatnot

Rachael Lininger rachael at daedala.net
Fri Jun 7 09:27:46 PDT 2002

On Jun 7, Steven Brust said:

>As I've said before, I think the covers are wonderful, but neither Vlad nor 
>Loiosh look in the least the way I envision them.  There's no reason why 
>they should, either.  The point of the cover, in my opinion, is to grab the 
>attention of the sort of person who would be inclined to like the 
>book.  There is no reason, in my opinion, for the picture on the cover to 
>match the description inside--except emotionally.
>(In my own vision of Loiosh, he has two legs, is smaller, smoother, his 
>head is more snakelike, and his wings more batlike).

I avoided your books for years because the covers looked like they were
for something I wouldn't like. I was imagining a poorly-written series
of self-congratulatory badass assassin adventure books.

Yes, I'm in the "gets _interesting_ with TECKLA" camp.


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