Teckla, Cawti, Book Covers, and Whatnot

Fri Jun 7 09:08:38 PDT 2002

I bet he lost it while in the East. Just a wild, uneducated guess :-)
On Friday, June 7, 2002, at 11:58 AM, Steven Brust wrote:

> At 11:22 AM 6/7/2002 -0400, Beldarrin at aol.com wrote:
>>      I think the book covers are just wonderful, especially cute l'il 
>> Loiosh.  One thing bothers me, though.  Why does Vlad have such light 
>> hair on the covers, and no whiskers?  It gets me kind of confused, but 
>> then, I confuse easily.
> As I've said before, I think the covers are wonderful, but neither Vlad 
> nor Loiosh look in the least the way I envision them.  There's no 
> reason why they should, either.  The point of the cover, in my opinion, 
> is to grab the attention of the sort of person who would be inclined to 
> like the book.  There is no reason, in my opinion, for the picture on 
> the cover to match the description inside--except emotionally.
> (In my own vision of Loiosh, he has two legs, is smaller, smoother, his 
> head is more snakelike, and his wings more batlike).
>>      And finally, we come to a question I doubt will (or can, maybe, 
>> at this point) be answered.  What happened to Vlad in the two years 
>> between "Phoenix" and "Athyra?"  How did his pinky get missing?  (Oh, 
>> the suspense!)
> Oh come now, Steph.  Vlad has explained how his pinky became missing.  
> At least two or three different times.  Just because the various 
> explanations were mutually exclusive is no reason to doubt them.  :-)
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