"The time has come, the Walrus said

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Fri Jun 7 09:33:57 PDT 2002

to talk of other things."

Specifically, Dragaeran magic.  By this, I mean the Dragaeran world magic (is that the “name” of the world?) in general and not Dragaeran sorcery specifically (although we’ll get to that).

As I see it, we have:

Eastern Witchcraft
Dragaeran Sorcery

We might also have:

Serioli Enchantment (aka binding spells into inanimate objects)

I’m not sure about the latter two.  Are they merely sub-systems within the two above, or separate entities?  Meaning, could they exist without one of the two former?

We’ve see witches use psionics, and sorcerers/wizards use psionics.  Could someone who is neither use psionics?  (Jhereg do it, so perhaps all creatures on Dragaera can do it?)

And what about enchantments?  I’m guessing that the Serioli were making enchanted items and Morganti blades before the existence of the Orb (and sorcery) but perhaps that is incorrect?  And Vlad also mentions using a “generic” enchanted blade in his witchcraft spells – is that created by the Serioli (I doubt it) or by someone else (in which case, who – sorcerer or witch?)