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You're making perfect sense. :)  In Jhereg, though, we see that there is a psionic connection between vlad and Cawti and Loiosh and Daymar as a foursome as they begin to perform the spell that will create the "impression crystal" for Daymar to use to locate Mellar.  In fact, there is a sentence which states that the fact that multiple witches can join in on a single spell is one advantage it has over sorcery.

I find it intriguing that Daymar could join in, which is one reason why I do lean towards psionics being a separate entity from sorcery.  Daymar is not a witch, so he could not join in that way, but he is a tremendous psionicist and that must have allowed him to bull his way in.

We know that at least two of the Jenoine manipulated animal species deal in psionics: jhereg and dragons.  Perhaps there are more species that do as well, to some extent?  And of course, there are the Easterners and Dragaerans, both of whom are capable of psionic telepathy at the least.


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> You forgot about pre-empire sorcery. . . though that may be considered a
> cousin to Dragaeran Sorcery.
> My understanding (from the lastest, Issola) is that psionics is mind-to-mind
> mental powers being manipulated, sorcery is mind-to-orb. . . And that the
> psionic connection between Vlad and Loiosh is either nothing like psionics
> at all, or is a very strong conglomeration of psionics and something else
> entirely.
> As I see it, witchcraft is mind-to-matter instead of sorcery, which is
> mind-to-orb-to-chaos-to-matter---which is ironically faster 
> than simple
> mind-to-matter manipulation.
> Am I making any sense?