"The time has come, the Walrus said

Fri Jun 7 09:50:06 PDT 2002

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Subject: "The time has come, the Walrus said

> to talk of other things."
> Specifically, Dragaeran magic.  By this, I mean the Dragaeran world magic
(is that the “name” of the world?) in general and not Dragaeran sorcery
specifically (although we’ll get to that).
> As I see it, we have:
> Eastern Witchcraft
> Dragaeran Sorcery
> We might also have:
> Serioli Enchantment (aka binding spells into inanimate objects)
> Psionics

Reading Issola is a must, to discuss this...  my understanding is, the
discrete types of magic that have been seen are:

Elder Sorcery
Dragaeran Sorcery
Serioli magic
Jenoine magic

Elder Sorcery is very clear, it's the ability to directly manipulate the
power of Amorphia.  Incredibly dangerous, incredibly difficult, and you have
to have some Amorphia to work with.  With enough knowledge and control,
*anything* can be done with Elder Sorcery.

Dragaeran Sorcery comes from the Orb.  The function of the Orb is to draw
unlimited amounts of power from the Sea of Amorphia and dish it out to
whomever wants it, in a safe, controlled manner.  Though very powerful, it's
pretty much limited to creating physical effects.

Serioli magic remains unexplained.  Clearly a lot of it involves binding
spirit and intelligence into inanimate objects, but who knows what else they
can do?

Jenoine magic is also unexplained.  It's clear they have a great deal of
power of their own, possibly in a way similar but much stronger than the
Serioli.  But since they're desperate to get their hands on Amorphia, it's
obvious their native powers are less than Elder Sorcery at its best.

Necromancy is pretty hard to understand, but may be similar in a way to
Serioli/Jenoine magic, in that it deals with spirit and life essences.  We
need more time with the Necromancer to be sure.

Witchcraft is thoroughly explained, and is unrelated (pretty much) to all of
the above, but closely related to Psionics.  It's the idea that the
intelligent will, if brought into alignment with reality, can be used to
then subtly change that reality.  In that sense, it can do things none of
the other magics can do, but its "raw power" caps out with the power of your
will.  Through time-honored methods, rituals and ceremonies have been found
that help align your will with reality, and that's why you see all the odd
spells and tools necessary in Witchcraft.

Psionics, while primarily used for communication, works along the same lines
as Witchcraft, and is instrumental in using your will, but lacks the
ceremony and ritual that Witchcraft has.  As such, the power is there to do
a lot of the things a Witch can do, but the whole "aligning your will with
reality" thing is generally not there.  Only really, really gifted
psionicists like Daymar can pull off spell-like effects with pure Psionics.

Steve, what did I miss, or are you snickering already at how wrong I've got
it all?  :)