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>From what I've been reading, Psionics is something a bit different.  Vlad
explains CONSTANTLY that Sorcery, which Dragaeran's most prominently use,
comes from the Orb.  Each citizens has a link to the Orb, which is in turn
linked to the Great Sea of Amorphia/Chaos, and you shape this power to make
it do what you want.

Vlad also says, I think in Jhereg, that Witchcraft relies on internal
(mental?) power, and I believe this is part of psionics.  It seems that all
Dragaerans and Easterners have the ability to use psionics, but I always got
the impression that it was necessary for Witchcraft, but not for Sorcery.

Another point I've noticed, since I've been reading the books in rough
chronological order starting with Phoenix Guards, that the widespread use of
psionics is relatively new among Dragaerans.  In Phoenix Guards, Garland and
that sorceress (who's name I can't remember) seemed to be the only ones who
could talk over long distances, and Khaavren & Co. seem surprised when they
learn about the device.  In Five Hundred Years After, we learn that the
Emperor can contact people through their link to the Orb, but this only
appears to be a direct connection.  The Emperor can talk to you, or you can
talk to the Emperor.  Adron and Aliera are able to use psionics, but
Tazendra and Sethra explain that this is due to their close bond of father
and daughter.  But by the time Vlad rolls into the scene, everyone and their
lackey seems to be able to use psionics.  Vlad constantly queries his own
men, and Morrolan's men, using this method.  Again, this could just be
because since Vlad obviously has his organization set up how he likes it,
and also set up security at Castle Black, he insisted on the use of

Just some random musings.  Some of this could be dead wrong, and since I'm
only 3/4 of the way through Yendi, it could be explained more in later
books, but, ah well.

Mark Porter
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I think psionics and Sorcery are the same. I could be wrong but based on
all the evidence I've seen I think that this is so.

The Serioli are the original inhabitants of the world so their magic is
probably unlike the other two varieties.