"The time has come, the Walrus said

Glenn Ellingson geewiz at mac.com
Fri Jun 7 10:57:27 PDT 2002

On Friday, June 7, 2002, at 10:39 AM, Mark Porter wrote:
> Another point I've noticed, since I've been reading the books in rough
> chronological order starting with Phoenix Guards, that the widespread use 
> of
> psionics is relatively new among Dragaerans.

The explanation given, which makes sense, is that the Interregnum (with 
the complete loss of "Empire" sorcery) caused many Dragaerans to study 
paths they had neglected while they had the easy power of the Orb. When 
Zerika brought back the Orb, sorcerers who had worked on their psionics 
and then regained connection to the Orb were able to accomplish much that 
had not been possible (or at least wasn't common) before the Interregnum. 
Hence the easy teleportation, the psionic communication between people 
with less mutual familiarity than Adron and Aliera, etc.

This seems to show that all these disciplines are related. I think that 
mental control (psionics) would be both a fundamental skill for a witch 
and a great asset for a sorcerer. A sorcerer gets fed the power of Chaos 
via the Orb, but that doesn't mean they can do much (other than blow out 
their mind) without mental skills.

Now, "pre-Empire sorcery" is very interesting, especially as relates to 
the Jenoine.  In several books there is a clear distinction between being 
able to *control* pure chaos/amorphia and the ability to *make* it. 
Someone who studes pre-Empire sorcery can control chaos (without the 
intermediary of the Orb); only descendents (by genes or soul, apparently) 
of Kieron's family can make amorphia. This includes Adron and Aliera (by 
genes) and Vlad (by soul). This does *not* include Morollan, who has 
studied pre-Empire sorcery but cannot create the raw material it uses 

Most odd to me is that apparently the Jenoine, who certainly use amorphia 
in their "magic", also cannot create it (hence their desire to get it from 
Dragaera). This suggests that they did *not* breed the ability into Kieron'
s family -- I would think that if they could give the ability to otehrs 
that they could have it themselves. Perhaps it was a "natural mutation" or 

Also, I wonder if the magic of the gods should be yet another category?

-- Glenn Ellingson