Still not convinced about Cawti...

Beldarrin at aol.com Beldarrin at aol.com
Fri Jun 7 11:29:06 PDT 2002

     Just to rebut my standpoint on Cawti (and taking into consideration the fact that I've only read up to "Orca," by publication date), I really don't like Cawti anymore.  She was fine in the beginning, and her "change" was very much characteristic of her, but I still think she's a bitch.  When she was supposed to be a stronghold for Vlad, she chose to selfishly (in my opinion)and uncompromisingly do something she had to have known could potentially ruin her relationship with her husband.  I know people grow apart all the time, but it seems to me she chose to take up a new cause, a new life, and delivered Vlad an ultimatum.  

     Alright, after talking in circles a bit, I think I've drawn two conclusions as to why I don't really like Cawti:  1.)  The situation hits way too close to home, and I completely empathize with poor Vlad, and 2.)  I just think Vlad's swell.  :)  

    Those are just some of my thoughts, anyway...  

~ Steph