"The time has come, the Walrus said

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How did they get into floating castles before the interregnum?  I shall tell
you:  Really, really, really long rope ladders.  

"Don't look down, it only makes it worse!"

Or, you could ride a giant Jhereg.

"Don't tickle him there, he'll bite you!"

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 > When Zerika brought back the Orb, sorcerers who had worked on their 
 > psionics and then regained connection to the Orb were able to 
 > accomplish much that had not been possible (or at least wasn't common) 
 > before the Interregnum. Hence the easy teleportation ...

I'm sure someone has puzzled through this before, but there's one aspect of
this I'm just not getting.  It's clear (Paarfi states it explicitly) that
teleportation was basically impossible before the Interregnum (well, not
impossible, perhaps, but he says there were no reports of any successful
attempts) ... and yet the Dragonlords had all of those floating castles,
which Paarfi also makes a big deal about.  And Vlad, upon his first visit to
Castle Black, comments that the only way to get there was to teleport.

So, umm, how did all of those pre-Interregnum Dragons get to and from their

I just don't have any answer, and I'd love to hear what people suggest.  The
only thing I've come up with is that the Dragonlords were keeping their
teleportation a secret, but that doesn't make a lot of sense, since surely
they would have wanted a few visitors from time to time ...

- Nancy.