"The time has come, the Walrus said

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> > Another point I've noticed, since I've been reading the books in
> > rough chronological order starting with Phoenix Guards, that the
> > widespread use of psionics is relatively new among Dragaerans.
> The explanation given, which makes sense, is that the Interregnum (with 

(To elaborate: at least part of the explanation is given in _Phoenix_.)

> the complete loss of "Empire" sorcery) caused many Dragaerans to study 
> paths they had neglected while they had the easy power of the Orb. When 
> Zerika brought back the Orb, sorcerers who had worked on their psionics 
> and then regained connection to the Orb were able to accomplish much that 
> had not been possible (or at least wasn't common) before the Interregnum. 
> Hence the easy teleportation, the psionic communication between people 
> with less mutual familiarity than Adron and Aliera, etc.


*** mild spoiler for Phoenix Guards ***

...note that revivification is new, e.g. the guards that the
'musketeers' kill and other dead people stay dead.  The possibility of
revification isn't brought up.

- tky