New Lists?

Fri Jun 7 17:37:00 PDT 2002

Matthew Hunter wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 07, 2002 at 06:42:48PM -0400, Starshadw at aol.com wrote:
>> You know, another option would be to create a message board with sub-areas 
>> for different things, then phase out the list(s) and then there wouldn't be 
>> the problem of lots and lots of Email (doesn't bother me much, as I'm used to 
>> vast amounts of Email).
> This has the side effect of effectively preventing me (and
> others, I'm sure) from participating.  I can't stand web-based
> message boards, while I live and breathe mailing lists.

Although I think we should let the list run just a wee bit longer before
already talking about phasing it out :) (particularly if we're indeed
going to split off the group read and the RPG, which I think would be a
very good idea) - I do wonder about what exactly you can't stand about
web-based message boards. I mean, sure there are some abominations out
there (ezBoard anyone?), but if you set a board to just do plain text
and allow none of those annoying graphics, it does offer some distinct
advantages over mailing lists. Particularly in that you _go_ to read the
conversations, rather than that the conversations _come_ to you.
So if you see a topic of a few thousand characters, you can simply
choose not to open it, rather than get it delivered to your inbox
without having anything to say about it. :)

May you always find shade and water,