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Fri Jun 7 17:46:42 PDT 2002

On Sat, Jun 08, 2002 at 02:37:00AM +0200, Sander <dragaera at juima.org> wrote:
> Matthew Hunter wrote:
> > This has the side effect of effectively preventing me (and
> > others, I'm sure) from participating.  I can't stand web-based
> > message boards, while I live and breathe mailing lists.
> Although I think we should let the list run just a wee bit longer before
> already talking about phasing it out :) (particularly if we're indeed
> going to split off the group read and the RPG, which I think would be a
> very good idea) - I do wonder about what exactly you can't stand about
> web-based message boards. I mean, sure there are some abominations out
> there (ezBoard anyone?), but if you set a board to just do plain text
> and allow none of those annoying graphics, it does offer some distinct
> advantages over mailing lists. Particularly in that you _go_ to read the

I can't read them over a text link.

There is no way to follow a developing thread while only reading               
the new posts.

Reading each message invariably either requires 1 click/message                
or requires loading gobs of messages at once

Reading long threads is horrible.

The posting interface invariably sucks.

Server-based web discussions means I can't read when the server                
is down, or when I'm downloading the entire Debian distribution                
to my local mirror.                  

Mailing lists are push, not pull, thus not requiring me to go                  
out and read them -- they come to me.  Thus they queue up when
I don't have time.

Shall I continue?

Matthew Hunter (matthew at infodancer.org)

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