New Lists?

Fri Jun 7 17:54:18 PDT 2002

At 2:37 +0200 08.6.2002, Sander wrote:

 > I do wonder about what exactly you can't stand about
 > web-based message boards.

This wasn't addressed to me, but I'd have to say I really don't like web-based message boards, either.  In my case, it's purely because I don't bother to go there every hour to check if there's a subject I want to contribute to.  Instead, I forget about it for a day or two (or more, in many cases), and when I finally do check, any threads I might have been interested in are long dormant.  I find email lists to be a lot more vibrant and immediate, which adds to the appeal, but does increase traffic (just look at the exponential volume of this list!), so I suppose it's a trade off.  I also don't like, on web boards, the long load times and switching to a different page for every message or topic -- plus I find I get to know people better in content-heavy email, rather than when they have lots of spiffy smiley graphics and URL links to distract from their messages.  Perhaps I've just had bad experiences with web boards, but I doubt it.

With email, at least I know what people are talking about right away, and can immediately participate if I so desire.  I really, really prefer the email list over a web-based board, though I'd have no problem with something like the Yahoo! groups board, where mail can be either delivered or not, depending on your settings, and all messages are available on the web no matter what.  But that's kind of what we already have, isn't it?  I mean, there is a nice archive at dragaera.info, so the only thing missing is posting via the web rather than email.

And I'm all for splitting off the RPG discussions (which I personally am not interested in, but realize this is the perfect place for such a discussion), and if we want to form a separate reading list, that's fine, too.  But I can't see why we would need to switch to a different (e.g. web-based) format when this one has hardly gotten off the ground yet.  :)

- Nancy.