brokedown palace

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> Hello All

Hi Lisa

> Also....having finally secured 'Phoenix' after several 
> years of keeping my eyes peeled; more questions came to 
> light regarding the gods and magic.  For instance, in 
> Brokedown Palace, Sandor had no sorcery once Verra was 
> "killed" (expelled?) and thus sunk into the River.

Note the comments about Verra being the personification of
sorcery (or the use made of sorcery).

> In Phoenix, where there was no Orb; or sorcery, Verra 
> could not reach Vlad. There also seemed to be limited 
> psionic ability as well; and witchcraft wasn't working. 
> Note this never affected Loiosh and Vlad's psionic 
> communication. Comments? Analysis?

Gold Phoenix Stone blocks Orb-sorcery; black stops 
witchcraft and psionics.  That's about all we know.

Speaking of _Phoenix_, when did Cawti start studying 
pre-Empire sorcery?  Or did Aliera give her some 
pre-Empire plastic explosives or something?