Story timeline and novel publication timeline- and digest!

Sun Jun 9 22:23:18 PDT 2002

One of the very best things about the Vlad novels is how the publishing
timeline is not linear to the story timeline. For example, Jhereg comes out,
then Yendi comes out, covering a time period before Jhereg, then Teckla
comes out, covering the time after Jhereg. And so on. I'm not aware of any
other sci fi or fantasy series doing this and it's one of the main
attractions of the stories.


How much of this did you plan?

Do you expect to do this for the full cycle, assuming you get to writing all
of the Vlad books?

(no, not a baseball reference. I'm a soccer fan who's not sleeping much
these days. Go USA!)


Joe Lynch

p.s. And as for list volume- try the digest option if you haven't noticed it
before...I quickly switched after getting 50 emails in one day. :)