META: New lists

David Dyer-Bennet dd-b at dd-b.net
Sun Jun 9 22:47:26 PDT 2002

We seem to have agreement-in-principle to create two new mailing
lists, for the RPG discussion and for a read-along project. 

Stacey / Starshadow has agreed to be in charge of the RPG one (every
time I see that I still think "rocket propelled grenade" first!).  We
also need a statement of "purpose", or what's on-topic, for the
charter (most of the rules I can crib, making them the same as this
list, but especially since this is for a particular RPG project rather
than general discussion of Dragaeran RPGs (or am I badly confused?),
there needs to be some statement of that.  Also, the list needs an
email name; it'll be *something*@dragaera.info, and just "RPG" doesn't
sound like the right something given that it's more focused than
that.  I'm not following that project closely, so I can't write that
and get it right.  Stacey?  Give it a whack?  Needn't be perfect, and
remember the most important rule of running a mailing list: don't let
people rules-lawyer you.  The rules are written to say the people are
in charge, and the rules are guidelines to get you started. 

We need somebody to be in charge of the list for the read-along
project.  (Well, Stacey did admit to being willing to do both, but why
load everything onto one person?)  If people interested in that
project think somebody specific is "in charge" of the read-along
project and that person is willing to be in charge of the list, that'd
be perfect.  Is that anybody's perception of reality?  This one needs
an email address, and "purpose" language for the rules, too.  Seems
like there's an obvious email address: readalong at dragaera.info.  Being
in charge of the list need not, but carries a risk of, leave you in
charge of the actual read-along project.  
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