Story timeline and novel publication timeline- and digest!

Sun Jun 9 23:34:52 PDT 2002

At 10:23 PM 6/9/2002 -0700, Joe Lynch wrote:
>One of the very best things about the Vlad novels is how the publishing
>timeline is not linear to the story timeline. For example, Jhereg comes out,
>then Yendi comes out, covering a time period before Jhereg, then Teckla
>comes out, covering the time after Jhereg. And so on. I'm not aware of any
>other sci fi or fantasy series doing this and it's one of the main
>attractions of the stories.


>How much of this did you plan?

It isn't a matter of planning; it's a matter of telling the next story I 
felt like telling.  Plan?  Me?  Heh.  I didn't even know I was writing a 
series until I was partway into TECKLA.

>Do you expect to do this for the full cycle, assuming you get to writing all
>of the Vlad books?

We need an FAQ.  If I don't either die or get tired of writing them, there 
will be 19 in all: One for each House, a first one called TALTOS, and a 
last one called THE LAST CONTRACT.