Not to be a jerk....

Mon Jun 10 08:17:47 PDT 2002

On Monday, June 10, 2002, at 11:04 AM, Lowki Liesmith wrote:

> pessonally my feelings are hurt but I havent touched my comp. in three 
> days and I have 239 new e-mails and only 15 were not the mailing list. 
> but I still have read them all. It makes me feel loved.
>> From: Chris Turkel <zizban at adelphia.net>
>> To: dragaera at dragaera.info
>> Subject: Re: Not to be a jerk....
>> Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 10:33:30 -0400
>> On Monday, June 10, 2002, at 10:28 AM, Starshadw at aol.com wrote:
>>> In a message dated Mon, 10 Jun 2002 10:21:04 AM Eastern Daylight 
>>> Time, ahovey at caris.com writes:
>>> though you have a very valid underlying point.  I had
>>>> 200 plus messages in my inbox when I came back from my weekend 
>>>> vacation.
>>> Ummmm.....I have to ask:  What exactly were you (and others who have 
>>> complained about the number of Emails) expecting?  It -is- a mailing 
>>> list, after all.  Did you simply think you would only get one or two 
>>> Emails per week?  Per day?  And what would make you think that?  I 
>>> haven't seen a mailing list yet that had that few Emails: probably 
>>> because the few that did ended up closing down due to lack of 
>>> interest.  I'm not trying to be argumentative; I'm genuinely curious.
>>>> I definately think that there should be a list strictly for book
>>>> related discussion as I couldn't give two rats about all of this RPG 
>>>> crap.
>>> David is working on two more lists.  Hopefully, they will be up and 
>>> running soon.
>>>> (My opinion) As such I also feel that thirty emails about spices in a
>>>> Dragaera is absurd also(and I love to cook).
>>> Actually, there was more going on in those "spice" discussions than 
>>> just talking about spice. :)  You do have to be careful in assuming 
>>> too much by the subject line.  Sometimes, the conversation veers away 
>>> from what is directly stated in the subject.
>>> I guess I'm just kinda shocked (that's not really the word I'm 
>>> looking for) that people are complaining about receiving Emails when 
>>> they have subscribed to an Email(ing) list.  Isn't that the whole 
>>> point?  I guess I'm just confused as to what the problem is....
>>> Stacy
>> I think perhaps people were shocked by the volume. I am on several 
>> Macintosh related lists and at first I too was shocked but I realized, 
>> that's why they have mailing lists, to communicate with others who 
>> share your interest. Anyone who feels overwhelmed should try the 
>> digest version. Makes everything compact into one nifty email.
>> The volume should decrease after the mailing list is split into threes.
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