Not to be a jerk....

David Dyer-Bennet dd-b at dd-b.net
Mon Jun 10 12:25:34 PDT 2002

"Scott Ingram" <singram at videotron.ca> writes:

> > Ummmm.....I have to ask:  What exactly were you (and others who have
> complained about the number of Emails) expecting?  It -is- a mailing list,
> after all.  Did you simply think you would only get one or two Emails per
> week?  Per day?  And what would make you think that?  I haven't seen a
> mailing list yet that had that few Emails: probably because the few that did
> ended up closing down due to lack of interest.  I'm not trying to be
> argumentative; I'm genuinely curious.
> As others have stated, the volume of conversation is quite surprising. I
> wasn't sure what to expect, but judging from the volume of messages that
> were on the webboard when I joined up, I expected only a few emails per day.

Yeah, it's certainly grown fast.  I checked subscriber counts the
first three days after we announced the list, and got 22, 25, and 80.
We're probably over 100 now (last I actually counted it was 96).  And
then it took a while for topics to get introduced that really brought
people into the discussion.

Getting the list in digest form can help keep the number of messages
in the mailbox down, anyway (of course the same total traffic ends up

> Oh well, I find they're quite easy to sift through. I don't know how AOL's
> email reader works, but Outlook Express rules make organizing the mails
> quite simple.

Sorting into folders by mailing list is IMHO the winning strategy.
I'm on a few dozen lists on topics ranging from black-and-white
digital photo printing to science fiction convention running to Linux,
and most of them generate a few dozen messages a day, and nearly every
week there's at least one of them that's having a spike and generating
over 100.  Some messages I skim more superficially than others :-).
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