Not to be a jerk....

Mon Jun 10 10:25:12 PDT 2002

> Ummmm.....I have to ask:  What exactly were you (and others who have
complained about the number of Emails) expecting?  It -is- a mailing list,
after all.  Did you simply think you would only get one or two Emails per
week?  Per day?  And what would make you think that?  I haven't seen a
mailing list yet that had that few Emails: probably because the few that did
ended up closing down due to lack of interest.  I'm not trying to be
argumentative; I'm genuinely curious.

As others have stated, the volume of conversation is quite surprising. I
wasn't sure what to expect, but judging from the volume of messages that
were on the webboard when I joined up, I expected only a few emails per day.

Oh well, I find they're quite easy to sift through. I don't know how AOL's
email reader works, but Outlook Express rules make organizing the mails
quite simple.

As I said, quite an influx of messages. I'm glad to see that Steve has so
many interested readers, however.

-Scott Ingram