META: proposed rules for onlinerpg list

David Dyer-Bennet dd-b at dd-b.net
Mon Jun 10 15:58:22 PDT 2002

Here's my current draft of the rules, based on Stacy's draft, based on
the rules of the Dragaera list.  Anything seriously wrong (either
nonsense, or not what people intended) please let me know soon.

	    Welcome to the Dragaera Onlinerpg Mailing List
		       Version 0.1 10-Jun-2002
This list is to provide a central forum for those interested in the
online Dragaera RPG being created by some fans (the idea got started
on the Dragaera List, <dragaera at dragaera.info>).

Steven has given permission to those interested to create and run an
online RPG based on his Dragaera world.  This is already in the works
and a website is pending (and hopefully will be up and running NLT
June 14, 2002 although it may take a little longer before the RPG
itself is ready to start).

Day-to-day operation is handled by the "Empress" (reference should be
obvious). All decisions of the Empress are final until she changes her
mind.  The current [8-Jun-2002] empress is Stacy, <starshadw at aol.com>.

"On topic" material for this list includes all discussions related to
the Dragaera RPG.  This includes rules discussions, campaign plots,
etc. but will NOT include any "in-character" emails, journals, etc.
Also acceptable are moderate amounts of "community" off-topic
discussion; and such digressions as are more trouble to suppress than
to ignore.  Be aware that the main purpose of the list is to provide a
place for discussion until the message board on the website is up and
running.  This means that if you only subscribe to this list, you may
be missing a great deal of discussion.

This discussion must be conducted reasonably civilly. In particular,
personal attacks and flaming are forbidden. Do NOT tell somebody that
they're a poo-poo head; you may, if you wish, tell them that their
claim to have found Devera on page 184 of Dragon doesn't stand up to

When replying to a message on the list, relevant portions of the
previous message should be quoted.  The *entire* message should
generally not be quoted, unless you're responding to each bit of
it. New material should be placed *below* the old material it's
responding to, not above.  In other words, normal Usenet quoting
conventions should be observed.

Line lengths should be limited to less than 80 characters (70 is a
better number, to allow for some buildup of quoting).

Do not send file attachments to the list. Especially, do not send
binary files to the list. Do not send HTML to the list. Send plain
text messages to the list. All those other things will be stripped off
by the software running the list. (Technicalities: MIME
multipart/alternative is fine, so long as there is a text/plain part;
that part will be passed through and the rest stripped.) (AOL users:
that's what current AOL software does by default [as of 15-Apr-2002]
so you shouldn't have trouble posting).

The views expressed in messages on this list may be the views of the
people who sent the messages (or their evil twins -- we don't
discriminate here); they are *not* the official views of anybody else.
Note that this applies even to Stacy and those of us running the list
-- unless specifically stated otherwise, we're posting our personal
opinions, not Official Truth.

While Steven doesn't hate fan fiction on principle, he doesn't want to
host it on the official web site or mailing lists, so please don't
send any.  Hence the "in-character" rule above.

The information about the subscribers that we have (from the email
headers; name and email address) will be posted to the list monthly,
so people know with whom they are talking.

The posts to this list are archived and are publicly available via
email and on the web.

Only list members may post to this list (this is primarily a
spam-prevention measure).

To subscribe, send email to <onlinerpg-subscribe at dragaera.info>, and
respond to the confirmation message you will receive. (The
confirmation message makes it much harder for somebody to subscribe
you to this list as a "joke".)

To unsubscribe, send email to <onlinerpg-unsubscribe at dragaera.info>
>from the address you want unsubscribed, and respond to the
confirmation message you will receive there.

To send your message to all the subscribers on the list, send it to
<onlinerpg at dragaera.info>.  You must be a subscriber to the list
yourself to do this.  To communicate just with the Empress, email your
message to <onlinerpg-owner at dragaera.info>.

To get help on the various commands the list management software
supports, send email to
<onlinerpg-help at dragaera.info>. (Technicalities: this list is run
using ezmlm+idx).  (You can get messages from the archive via email,
and there's a digest version of the list you can switch to if you
prefer to get fewer messages.)

The home page for this list is http://dragaera.info/onlinerpg-list/.

There will be a Dragaera online RPG site when the people working on it
get it ready, and the URL will be included here when it's available.

This mailing list is utimately the property of the dragaera.info
website team, Corwin Brust, David Dyer-Bennet, Felix Strates, and
Steven Brust.  Control has been delegated to Stacy
<starshadow at aol.com>.
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