[dragaera] Mathew Hunter

Lisa Grant Coffin lisa at spindot.com
Mon Jun 10 19:11:38 PDT 2002

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> Matthew Hunter wrote:
> > My messages are cryptographically signed by GPG.  They are NOT
> > virus-infected.  Adam's mail client, and/or virus-scanning mail
> > server, is broken.  Badly.
> *chuckles heartily*
> Since Enigmail (the 'plugin' for Mozilla that allows you to use GPG) 
> finally is capable of PGP/MIME as well, I was planning to start signing 
> all my email by default. Now I think I'd better refrain from doing so 
> for a while longer - at least on lists where people are using YACMSP :)

just for the record, matthew's emails come as attachments to me as well. i have been glad to see his discussions quoted, otherwise i wouldn't have known what he sent the list. excepting the last two, of course. 

lisa grant coffin
who doesn't mind the mail at all, but admits to skimming the rpg stuff......