how accurate is cracks and shards really?

Rachael Lininger rachael at daedala.net
Mon Jun 10 21:35:31 PDT 2002

On Jun 10, Lisa Grant Coffin said:
>> Which is Usenet style.  Quote using ">", edit quotes as tightly as
>> seems reasonable, and place new material immediately below the quoted
>> material being responded to.
>> -- 
>> David Dyer-Bennet, dd-b at dd-b.net  /  New TMDA anti-spam in test
>i meant automatically. ;)
>i just want to hit 'reply' and bang! instant correct reply order 
>except the snipping. i don't mind doing the snipping.
>everyone else (well, many) seems to have the title: you sent x email 
>at x time, followed by the correct sequence.
>that's all. if it's obvious, please tell me anyway. if its not, just 
>ignore me.

I don't know how to make Outlook [Express] behave properly by default.  
Does someone have a URL or Usenet post that can point people in the
right direction? Gods know this comes up often enough.

That said, your reply was almost perfect. Remember to include the
attribution _before_ the message ("David Dyer-Bennet wrote" or something
like that; the "Original Message" thing Outlook does is ok by me)  and
cut out the .signature file after it. Basically, anything after the


needs to go, unless you're specifically talking about someone's sig. 


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