how accurate is cracks and shards really?

Tue Jun 11 12:40:43 PDT 2002

Rachael Lininger wrote:
> Basically, anything after the
> --
> needs to go, unless you're specifically talking about someone's sig. 

Except that "--" (dash-dash) doesn't denote a signature.
"-- " (dash-dash-space) does, though. Most modern email clients will 
automatically remove that sig delimiter and everything below it when 
replying (which can give problems when top-posting with the sig also 
inserted above the old message, creating another incentive not to 
top-post), and often also display the sig differently (or not) when 
viewing the message. (Mozilla mail for example shows sigs in a 
light-gray color so you have a nice indicator of where you can stop 
*grins* If we're going for picky usenet behaviour, we gotto do it 
right... :)

May you always find shade and water,