how accurate is cracks and shards really?..... also

Tue Jun 11 09:31:57 PDT 2002

David Dyer-Bennet <dd-b at dd-b.net> wrote:
>Adina Adler <adina at panix.com> writes:
>> "Lisa Grant Coffin" <lisa at spindot.com>  wrote:
>> >DQotLS0tLSBPcmlnaW5hbCBNZXNzYWdlIC0tLS0tIA0KRnJvbTogIkdhbWV0ZWNoIiA8dm9sdHJv
>> >bmFscGhhQGhvdG1haWwuY29tPg0KVG86IDxkcmFnYWVyYUBkcmFnYWVyYS5pbmZvPg0KU2VudDog
>> [rest snipped]
>> Everything that I get from Lisa Grant Coffin looks like this. Does
>> anyone else have this problem? I read mail using emacs rmail, and I
>> think this system is running in NetBSD.
>Previous messages I've looked at from Lisa are in plain text, but
>Base64 encoded for transfer (which makes sense if the message body is
>potentially unicode).  Doesn't make any sense for an English-language
>plain text list though.  Her most recent message *doesn't* show that
>when I look at it here, which probably means that the oe-quotefix
>patch has also taken care of the base64 encoding.   Can you read her
>more recent messages?

Yes, the problem seems to have vanished. 

>I'm reading in emacs using gnus, and gnus is capable of interpreting
>the bas64 encoding.  I think VM might be also (and it seems to me
>nearly identical to rmail in user interface, so you might be able to
>switch to VM without much learning curve). 

Actually, I once thought about reading mail in gnus, but I could never
get the configuration to work. (I've been reading news in gnus for
years, but it worked perfectly the first time I tried it.) Do you know
of a good reference? I tried the method suggested in the gnus manual
and my mail never seemed to go anywhere.