Food and critters

David Dyer-Bennet dd-b at dd-b.net
Tue Jun 11 09:53:29 PDT 2002

Mia McDavid <mia_mcdavid at attbi.com> writes:

> One of the fun things about Draghera is trying to figure out what all
> the critters look like.  Some of them are also used for food--it's fun
> figuring out something about them based on that.
> BTW, I wanna come out firmly in favor of food talk.  I'd also like to
> know where the jellied winnecerous joke comes from . . .

At various times there have been talk and attempts at "Dragaeran
dinners" (I believe the first few pre-date any books being written,
and were related to the gaming group).  Steven invented some recipes,
and I found some suitable recipes and proposed Dragaeran names for
them.  Red Dragon Anise Gelled Wineocerous can be found in the Craig
Claiborn / Virginia Lee chineese cookbook under the name "aromatic
spiced beef", I believe.  
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