Quick Question regarding Teckla

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>> My question, though, is this.  Much to my delight, 'Lord' 
>> Khaavren was mentioned twice.  Now, I'm just curious what 
>> his current role is in the Empire.  He can no longer be 
>> the Captain of the Guard, since Vlad seems to know of him, 
>> yet still wonders if the Dragon woman that showed up 
>> outside of Kelly's was the Captain, which I think leaves 
>> two possibilities.  Obviously, Vlad was upset at him as if 
>> Khaavren had something to do with the troops being 
>> present, so I'm thinking he's either been promoted to 
>> Brigadier, or possible he's even gotten himself a job as 
>> Warlord.
>I think "captain" may be a mid-level rank in the Guards (or
>at least Vlad thinks so).  My conviction is that Khaavren
>IS Warlord (compare the Warlord refernces in _Phoenix_ with
>comments about Khaavren in _Orca_), with the biggest piece
>of evidence the fact that Morrolan ain't.

It seems that in Captain G'aereth's time the post of Brigadier-General of
the Imperial Guard was vacant.  From _Five Hundred Years After_, we know
the Emperor promoted Lord Khaavren to Captain of the Red Boot Battalion of
the Phoenix Guards.  I believe it is likely that the admirable Tiassa, on
resuming Imperial service, was promoted past that rank in the decades
following the Interregnum.

According to Kiera in _Orca_, Division Six of the Imperial Army General
Staff Consultants is responsible to the Warlord.  In the same paragraph,
Kiera indicates that the Special Tasks Group reports to Lord Khaavren, and
usage suggests Lord Khaavren and the Warlord are entirely separate people.
Vlad says in _Teckla_ that Lord Khaavren is Brigadier of the Guards.  While
Vlad is only an Easterner, is therefore subject to both ignorance and wild
ideas, I believe he may be right.

Besides, no red-blooded Dragon would stand for a non-Dragon Warlord.  I
mean, really.  The idea is very nearly preposterous.