Cawti's parentage

Tue Jun 11 17:19:33 PDT 2002

As mentioned here, there seem to be some clues about Cawti's lineage
in _Brokedown Palace_.  Here's some potentially relevant stuff I found.

*** spoilers for Brokedown Palace ***

(Her lineage is also interesting to consider when placed side by side
with her clling someone a "Bastard" near the start of Ch14 in _Teckla_
(p443 in the omnibus edition).)

Page numbers are for the mass market paperback version I own.  Stuff
in braces {like this} are my thoughts/questions.  

pp260-261. "Interlude" before Ch17

** p260 ** "demons, demons, demons # everywhere # {3-fold repetition...?}
   part of life in Fenario, though not everyone knows this."
   "Pretty, pretty Margit, who lost her lover in the inn where the dzur stand.
   Will you never learn {what?}?
   Your daughter will learn, won't she {Brigitta?}?  But only too late.
   Perhaps your daughter's daughter {Cawti?} will fare better
   {better? not ask too much of Vlad?},
   and some say that will justify everything."
   "But in this land, # we don't ask to justify.
   We watch, and we wait, and we learn." {learn what?}
** {another *3*: Margit, daughter, grand-daughter}

pp268-269. "Epilogue"
** p268
** -"Devera tries not to say much about Brigitta,
   but her eyes fill with tears and
   she says although Brigitta will arrive safely,
   she cannot watch over Brigitta when she (Devera) is older."-
** [Devera says of Brigitta's daughter]
   "I won't have to watch *over* her;
   everyone else will have to watch *out* for her."
   {If Cawti: both as assassin *and* as revolutionary?}

(This is from a bunch of detailed annotations I did -- and expect to
continue.  They can be found at 


- tky