Spoiler protection

Richard Suitor rsuitor at cjwrfs.net
Wed Jun 12 12:18:48 PDT 2002

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002 00:24:48 -0700, Steven Brust <skzb at dreamcafe.com>

>At 11:38 PM 6/11/2002 -0500, Nancy Thuleen wrote:
>>Hmmm ... my newsreader interprets spoiler characters just fine, but my 
>>mail program (Eudora Mac) does not, apparently.  I just got one blank 
>>line, which did seem a bit skimpy for any spoiler "space".  Are spoiler 
>>characters really a standard for email as much as they are for Usenet?  If 
>>so, Eudora is "broken", I guess.  :(
>My Eudora agrees with yours.

Forte Agent does not do much with form feed, either.  I will skip the
dissertation about the difference between printer formatting and
window formatting.  I don't care about spoilers myself, but if you
want to take it seriously, do the

.... etc

or equivalent.  If you wish to support spoiler warnings in linear
digests, do it before and after the message.

Personally, for an author whom I read because I like the way he writes
and like to be in the worlds he creates, I think spoilers of little
relevance.  They will be an annoyance to Steve -- I would think that
in this group that would be a major inducement not to use them.  But
others may have different views.