Spoiler protection (was: META: readalong list rules)

Thu Jun 13 11:11:47 PDT 2002

The rasfwr-j FAQ was praised by Matthew Hunter 
>    Additionally, do not use a title that is, itself, a spoiler. 
> For instance, if it turns out that Tam al'Thor killed
> Asmodean, then a subject of:
>    WH:  Tam killed Asmodean!! (Spoilers)
>    Doesn't really help us.


>    It is also the opinion of this FAQ writer that anyone
>    who braves a post marked "Spoilers!" in the header
>    gets exactly what he or she deserves, whether through
>    a broken newsreader failing to implement a page
>    break, or through a post with insufficient whitespace
>    for his screen settings.

Hell no.  It is very easy to lose track of the Subject, and hence easy
to overlook a spoiler warning in the Subject line.  In practice,
generous (but not excessive) spoiler space is needed.

- tky

P.S. I think the gnus mail reader lets you choose whether or not
     to consolidate multiple blank lines into just one blank line
     and whether or not to hide quoted text.  Those are cool
     options, and wisely, by default, both are off.