*Readalong* Spoiler protection [was: Spoiler protection]

Thu Jun 13 21:23:58 PDT 2002

Matthew Hunter <matthew at infodancer.org> wrote on Thu, 13 Jun 2002 20:51:04
> On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 07:45:55PM -0400, Thomas Yan <tyan at twcny.rr.com> wrote:
> > But to reiterate, I would still want to see labeled spoiler space for
> > other books, even if they are broad spectrum.  In fact, I expect to
> > often resort to labels like:
> > 
> > + "Spoilers for all Vlad books to date"
> > + "Pub-o spoilers thru Phoenix" 
> >   (What's a good abbreviation for "publication order?)
> > + "Ser-o spoilers thru Phoenix"
> >   (What's a good abbreviation for "series order?)
> This is just silly.

*shrug* "Spoilers for all books to date" is simple and encompassing,
and Usenet-style replies are auto-protected: The warning is there
unless explicitly deleted or modified.

> EVERY post will end up having spoiler protection in it.  There is
> a point at which you just have to assume people have read the
> books in order to have a discussion about the books.  All the
> major Dragaera works are in print to the best of my knowledge. 

Doesn't this...

> If people want to discuss the books and can't afford to buy
> what's currently published all at once, they would logically join
> the readalong list and buy one book per month or so as that list
> progresses.

...imply there are books in the series that some participants won't
have read, and thus would appreciate spoiler protection for such

But it does look like maybe I'm the only one who feels this strongly
regarding the readalong list, and since in fact I *have* read all the
non-collaborative books, I'm not going to be deeply affected.  So I'll
stop flogging this issue shortly.  It's just that I would be deeply
frustrated to discover such a mailing list in the early stages of
discovering a new author.

- tky