How did you discover ... ?

Thu Jun 13 22:55:10 PDT 2002

On 6/13/2002 at 6:43 PM tyan at twcny.rr.com wrote:

>I'm curious.  How did you discover Steve's books, and how did you
>learn of this mailing list?

I learned of the mailing list from DDB, during a discussion at a
Minn-StF party (www.mnstf.org).  Felix Strates may have mentioned it
to me via ICQ, as well.  I posted about it to my livejournal, some
seem to have found it from there.  

I can no longer remember how exactly I discovered Steve's books.  I
know I picked up _Jhereg_ used and read it, seems like that was the
first of Steve's novels that I read.  Timeframe is difficult to
narrow down.  It's possible I read _To Reign In Hell_ first, I
remember it wow-ing me.  Yeah, seems like maybe I read it first, I
think I was a little put off by diving into a series (even a
relatively new one).    By the time I read _Jhereg_, there were at
least a couple books out in the series.

I recall discovering Star Trek novels one dull summer right before I
started high school (maybe?) and plowing through a ton of them and
that those led me to seek out other books by John M. Ford and Diane
Duane in particular. Got me hooked on sf/fantasy as an adult (I'd dug
it as a kid, but hadn't read much of it in a good long while).
First time I really examined the sf section of bookstores closely.
And at around the same time, I discovered BBSes including Terraboard
and FIDOnet and the FIDO SF Echo.  And from people on  various BBSes
I learned of Minicon and on Terraboard I heard of Minn-StF.  And I
started looking for the books of people who posted to Fidonet.  I
think I meant to check out Steve's books, but didn't get around to it
for a while.  But at some point I binged on books by the Scribblies,
pretty much.  At the same time I started going to some Minn-StF
events.  And I remember trying to suss out relationships by reading
the acknowledgement pages and dedications.  Heh.  I can't remember if
I encountered Steven himself at Minicon or anywhere before I read his
books or after.  It's all a bit of a blur.  Minicons and Fourth
Streets and Fallcons and music parties and concerts and Renfest and
like that. 

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