Devera [was: protection]

Fri Jun 14 10:21:22 PDT 2002

Starshadw at aol.com wrote on Thu, 13 Jun 2002 23:26:29 EDT
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> [...] I like that you (meaning 
> Steve) don't give anything away, although I'd be willing to give you (again 
> Steve) one of my ovaries to know who/what Devera really is.

Spoilers for all Vlad books published thru Issola, plus Brokedown
Palace, and, to muddy the waters, maybe --or maybe not-- some
unattributed spoilers from Steve himself.


Well, given who her mother is, she's got godhood in her veins,
e.g. she is obviously comes and goes from the Halls of Judgment
without any problem.  Plus, she's got time travel -- she hasn't been
born yet.

She says explicitly in Brokedown that she'll live a very long time --
laughs as if it's obvious.

At the big battle at the end of Issola, she's the dragon who seemed to
recognize Vlad and who looked vaguely familiar to him, and had
familiar manners.

She's a god.  (She's not a demon: Can you imagine her being under
someone else's control? :) (Hm.  Interesting that it skipped a
generation [1].)  So you can take her appearing in non-Dragaeran books
as either (a) something to handwave away by the fact that she's a god,
or (b) evidence that she can manifest in all sorts of places,
i.e. evidence that she is a god.

I forget.  Do we ever explicitly see her simultaneously manifest in 2+

[1] Tangent: Supposedly having twins tends to alternate generations.
    Is there data for this, or is it folklore?

- tky