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Spoilers for _Issola_

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> > Monty Ashley, the man behind the Devera FAQ, theorized it was Devera,
> > and Steven confirmed this on rasfw.

>I've never heard this, either.  Can someone post his theory and proof so we
>can catch up?

The Devera FAQ, with Monty's evidence, is available at 
<http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~phoenix/brust/devfaq.html>.  For _Issola_, it 
has the following listed as a Devera appearance:

[P]age 230.

[start quote]
We all stopped and looked, and discovered that we were, in fact, not the 
only ones moving directly at the Jenoine: the dragon was, too.
"Well, that is hardly surprising," said Sethra.
"Who is it?" asked Aliera.
"You don't know?"
"No, should I?"
"Well then, who--"
"Not now," said Sethra. She frowned, and finally said, "Very well. Leave 
her alone, we'll adjust.

page 235:
The dragon, for no reason that I could see, stopped as if it had struck a 
wall, rolled over -- something that big does a lot of rolling over when it 
rolls -- and then came to its feet once more, and shook its head in a very 
human gesture.

page 236:
Then Aliera went flying backward, tumbling backward like a seed bag without 
the seed, landing next to the dragon. I thought she was dead, or at least 
injured, but she put her hand on the dragon's head, and, using it like a 
handhold, rose to her feet at once, shook her head in a gesture terribly 
reminiscent of the dragon's, then turned back toward the battle. [end quote]


The authorial confirmation, "Monty wins the bannana." (sic :-) ), is at: