Devera [was: protection]

Sat Jun 15 01:52:54 PDT 2002

Scott Ingram wrote:
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>>> Spoilers for all Vlad books published thru Issola, plus Brokedown
>>> Palace, and, to muddy the waters, maybe --or maybe not-- some
>>> unattributed spoilers from Steve himself.
>>> So you can take her appearing in non-Dragaeran books
>>> as either (a) something to handwave away by the fact that she's a
>>> god, or (b) evidence that she can manifest in all sorts of places,
>>> i.e. evidence that she is a god.
>> I vote for b). While she's a child, she spends her time either
>> hanging around Verra's palace or randomly traveling through
>> dimensions and time. Eventually, it seems like she'll grow up, and I
>> would think she'd have even more power then. If not an actual god,
>> certainly close enough for most purposes.
> I'm not certain that she'd have even more power after being born. As
> in all children, her 'potential' is probably much greater than the
> 'actualized' adult she'd grow into.
> My apologies for clipping out the spoiler protection in my previous
> post.  I realized what I'd done about 3 seconds after clicking on
> 'send'.

I have a wild ass theory at this point about Devera.

So there is pretty large stuggle between several groups; Jenoine, Seroli,
Dragaerans, Verrra (whom is or is not actually aligned with the Gods), the
Gods and Fernarians. Let up recap what limited Knowledge we know (I'm bound
to screw something up here) The Seroli were on Dragaera first that was thier
natural place then the Jenoine brought the Fernarians (human species x) and
did some experiments and produced human species B or as they like to call
themselves Dragaerans The Dragaerans kick the Jenoine out and then somehow
the gods either existed before now or decided to pop up around this time but
it's all real relative seeing as Verra is considered a Goddess dubbed the
Demon Goddess the demon part is either important or desigend to screw with
us either way we proabably don't know. Verra is from somewhere else I think
it's mentioned she was a race that was enslaved to serve the Jenoine which
is no doubt where we can determine why she has an issue with them which
seems to be why she is at first glance to be though of as one of the Gods
but you can't really believe a group of powerful beings all have the same
motivations, they might have the same goal; killing the Jenoine or at least
keeping them away from Dragaera and out of thier lives. But that doesn't
mean she hasn't taken the Seroli 'an enemy of my enemy is my friend'
attitude towards Dragaerans and the gods and essentialy Fernarians I would
not be suprised to find out that fenarians are you terran class humans taken
>from the crib so to speak and bred and brought to Dragaera

What does this have to do with Devera you ask, I'll get to it let me cover
some more ground first.
Naw on second thought that could take forever, here is my conclusion:

Devera is the offsrping or embodiment of Bolk (from Brokedown palace, the
Taltos horse) and Verra.

-Angelo 'it's okay to be wrong if you have fun doing it' Tripp-Russo