FelixEisen at aol.com FelixEisen at aol.com
Mon Jun 17 00:42:28 PDT 2002

Everyone keeps throwing out these theories of who Devera is.  There's two 
ways of handling this, both of which are in relation to Steve: the 'author' 
way, or the 'interviewer' way.  Everyone else has been doing it the 
'interviewer' way, and while I immensely appreciate Steve's attitude towards 
Dragaera as being a place that even -he- doesn't know 3/4 of what's going on, 
it does sometimes amuse me in this sort of discussion, since Devera shows up 
in non-Dragaera books.

'Author'-wise, IMNSHO, Devera is simply his Muse.  Which I appreciate even 
more than the previous; if I am right, then I am both delighted and honored 
to be so granted the opportunity to see an author's Muse.

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