Mon Jun 17 05:11:44 PDT 2002

Alex Nixon wrote:
> I've always been partial to Engles.  He's probably the Marxist/Communist
> that I can appreciate the most- intelligent, funny, and posessing the best
> (in my opinon) and most straight-forward writing style of all the
> Marxist/Communist/Trotsky Sympathisizers(save for Mr. Brust, of course).

I think my broadest exposure to Engels was in Freedom and Necessity. I don't know Emma Bull enough to be able to say which author wrote what (and in fact, I think in F&N they were trying to create separate, independent voices for each character, but also create a cohesive whole in terms of tone, an endeavor in which I believe they succeeded), but the conversations with Engels seemed to me to allude to some of the ideas in Teckla and Phoenix.
But of course, I could be mistaken…

Jose Marquez
jhereg69 at earthlink.net