Spoiler rules

Mon Jun 17 17:28:05 PDT 2002

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Subject: Spoiler rules

> I am going to post this on the readalong list as well. I offer up these
> few rules for discussion before I make them official.
> 1. Everything posted on the Readalong list is, by definition, spoilers.
> See my previous email to see what I mean.
> 2. Put only the work we are discussing in the header. If we are
> discussing Teckla, put Teckla in the header. If we are discussing a
> specific chapter of Teckla, put Teckla Chapter Two in  the header.
> 3. I think the list will set the pace so I won't define how long we
> dwell on a specific part just yet but I might nudge if we spent, oh, 6
> weeks on Chapter Five of The Phoenix Guards, for instance.
> 4. I think we should start with an older work of Steve's, perhaps the
> the much discussed Teckla, just to get our feet wet and we'll go from
> there.
> 5. Of course any of Steve's works are up for reading, including his
> stories in the Liavek books.

I think the whole point of the readalongs is discussing the spoilers and
"why didn't we see that one coming?"

The heading idea is very good. I have been away for a few days and just
started catching up with the list, jumping all over the place with the list.
I immediately deleted every thing with Issola in the title as I have not
purchased the book YET. SOON.