Spoiler rules

Fri Jun 14 07:23:52 PDT 2002

I am going to post this on the readalong list as well. I offer up these 
few rules for discussion before I make them official.

1. Everything posted on the Readalong list is, by definition, spoilers. 
See my previous email to see what I mean.

2. Put only the work we are discussing in the header. If we are 
discussing Teckla, put Teckla in the header. If we are discussing a 
specific chapter of Teckla, put Teckla Chapter Two in  the header.

3. I think the list will set the pace so I won't define how long we 
dwell on a specific part just yet but I might nudge if we spent, oh, 6 
weeks on Chapter Five of The Phoenix Guards, for instance.

4. I think we should start with an older work of Steve's, perhaps the 
the much discussed Teckla, just to get our feet wet and we'll go from 

5. Of course any of Steve's works are up for reading, including his 
stories in the Liavek books.

Readalong Guru