Marx and Trorsky

Thu Jun 20 11:00:22 PDT 2002

> I'd like to suggest you find a dictionary and look
> up the word, "Manifesto."

Well, yes now that you mention it. Of course being a
manifesto (by definition) does not necessarily make it
accessible. It would take some significant motivation
to work through all the supporting materials to the
original manifesto. If the reader is put off by the
original document, he is less likely to check the back

> One might say that Marx's and Engle's entire body of
> work consisted of 
> backing up, sentence by sentence, the Communist
> Manifesto

My understanding is that their later work did just as
you say. My comment was meant more along the lines of,
by itself the CM is not a good argument for communism.
At the time I felt that if the central statement of
principals is so poorly done, what is the point of
slogging through the rest? Being at the time a 17yo
college student rather full of myself, I admit that my
insight as a reader and judge of political theory was
lacking, and that not investigating further may have
been a hasty decision. Nevertheless, even at this
remove, I think the CM could have been written better,
and been a better call to the readers of it to
investigate further.

The good news is I am going revisit their works now
and see how I react today, so maybe we can talk again
after I am better educated :) I'm realy looking
forward to it, in fact. 

I would be interested to know of any specific works
you consider most useful.


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