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I've heard this theory before, and I've got to say I'm thinking it sounds
pretty good, that the Dzurlord is Tazendra and hence the Lyorn would be

The problem with this theory is that the Lyorn was throwing spells around,
which wasn't something that Aeric was known to do in the Romances (at least
the first 2 books). Maybe he's been training up?

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> Hey, all!
> I have a question about Teckla, which I'm in the midst of rereading.
> Paresh worked for a female Dzurlord who was a quite decent fellow, until
> some unidentified catastrophe destroyed her and her lands and people.
> Paresh therefore lived in her manse until a Lyorn came to call upon her;
> whereupon he was rude to the Lyorn and eventually had to flee back home.
> Ummm, does anybody else wonder if we *know* these people???  Has Steve
> spilled anything?  Have we had this discussion before when I wasn't
> participating?
> Mia