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Sun Jun 23 17:56:35 PDT 2002

At 09:22 AM 6/24/02 +1000, Nigel Leslie wrote:
>I've heard this theory before, and I've got to say I'm thinking it sounds
>pretty good, that the Dzurlord is Tazendra and hence the Lyorn would be
>The problem with this theory is that the Lyorn was throwing spells around,
>which wasn't something that Aeric was known to do in the Romances (at least
>the first 2 books). Maybe he's been training up?

Paarfi mentions an instance of an explosion at Tazendra's estate:
"[W]hat of good Tazendra?  I was pleased to learn that she was able to
escape unscatched from the explosion at her home.  I hope she has learned
>from this, and will temper her studies with care."
Personal correspondence, Khaavren to Aerich, FHYA Ch. 3, p. 52 (HC Ed.)

However, I don't believe this particular incident correlates with the one
Paresh mentions.  I'm not sure it fits the timeline, and there are a number
of other problems such as the prevalance of sorcery and the survival of
Tazendra.  Also, it seems unlikely that an explosion resulting from a
thaumaturgical experiment would result in the sort of widescale devastation
described by Paresh.